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The faculty members of the department have been conferred with several awards at national and international level. Most of the faculty members have membership in one or more professional, National & International societies. Several faculty members also serve on the Editorial Board of international and national journals. They are reviewers of a number of peer-reviewed, high impact factor journals and are technical and organizing committee members of international symposia and conferences. The faculty members are the members of Faculty of Engineering & Technology and the Board of studies of various universities, members of the scientific advisory committees, standing committee and accreditation committee. Some of the important recognitions and honours received by the faculty members are given in the Departmental Profile.


Name of Faculty Honours and Awards
Dr. I.M. Mishra U.G.C. Career Award, B.H.U. Gold Medal, Institution of Engineers Merit Certificate, Institution of Engineers, The Nawab Jain Jung Bahadur Memorial Medal ; Member Scientific Advisory Committee, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Member of Research Council, IIP Dehradun, Engineers India Ltd., Volkswagen Foundation Research Project Award, Member of Standing Committee and accreditation committees of AICTE, Member of Board of Studies of Senate, Academic Council of various Institutions, Distinguished Alumnus Award-2004, Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, Member, Expert Committee for "Evaluation of Policy and Guidelines to prevent, Monitor and Control of Fine Particulate Matter (FPM) in Ambient Air", Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi. Member, Group constituted by GOI for Reservation in Technological/Engg. Institutions
Dr. Surendra Kumar Member of Standing Committee and accreditation committee of AICTE, member of board of studies senate, academic council of various institutions, Member of Expert Committee, constituted by the Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources, Govt. of India, New Delhi, on the direction of Honourable Supreme Court, to inspect the functioning and record of the project for energy recovery from MSW installed at Lucknow, Reviewer of Research Papers of Journal of Building and Environment (Published by Elsevier), and International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering (Published by Berkeley Electronic Press).
Dr.B. Mohanty The Corps of Engineer Prize by The Institution of Engineers, Member of Standing Committee and accreditation committee of AICTE, member of board of studies, senate, academic council of various institutions.
Dr. Shri Chand Sir Ganga Ram Memorial Award, The Institution of Engineers (India) Member, Board of Studies of several universities/institutions, Member RDC Rajiv Gandhi Prodyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal, Member, Selection Committee of various institutes, Reviewer of the various international and national journals.
Dr. I.D. Mall Member of board of studies, academic council of various institutions, Russell Ackoff Award by 18th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology & Management” Philadelphia, PA, USA, The Nawab Zain Yar Jung Bahadur Memorial Medal, Institution of Engineers (India), Reviewer of international journals Chemical Engineering Science (Elsevier), Journal of Hazardous Materials (Elsevier) and International Journal of Environmental Management, Colloids and Surfaces, A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects (Elsevier), Chemical Engineering Journal (Elsevier).
Dr. V. K. Agarwal University Gold Medal (1979), Chemical weekly award for best paper in CHEMCON 2006
Dr. B. Prasad University Gold Medal (1982),The Nawab Zain Yar Jung Bahadur Memorial Medal, Institution of Engineers (India).
Dr. Shashi Thomason Memorial Gold Medal on B.E. Chemical Project (1978), Acharya P.C. Ray Award - 1978 (First Prize), University Gold Medal (1980), A paper entitled, "A Comprehensive Model For Catalytic Membrane Reactor", International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering, Vol. 4, A5, pp. 1-27, (2006)" has been rated as one of the Most Popular Papers of International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering from Feb, 2006 to Jan, 2007. Due to this reason, Berkley Electronic Press, publisher of the Journal, has allowed its free distribution through its Home Page under the title "Most Popular Articles".
Dr. R. Bhargava University Gold Medal (1978).
Dr. Shishir Sinha

Awarded best technical presentation  in CHEMCON-2000 


IEI Young Engineers Award awarded by IEI, 2011



Name of the Investigator Title of the project and duration Amount sanctioned (Rs. In Lakhs) Funding Agency
Dr. I.M.Mishra Modernization of process dynamic control laboratory 10.00 AICTE
Dr I.M. Mishra Cleaning of Potable Water-removal of arsenic from drinking water 17.00 MHRD
Dr. M.L. Kapoor & Dr. Surendra Kumar Feasibility report on separation of helium from natural gas 5.40 ONGC, Dehradun & MNES, New Delhi
Dr. Surendra Kumar & Dr. (Mrs.) Shashi Animal Manure based High Rate Biomethanation at Haebowal, Ludhiana, 5.40 MNES, New Delhi


Dr. Surendra Kumar Development of Technology Packages and Simulation Model for Prediction of Plants Performance based on Evaluation of the Plants already established in the Field 20.20 MNES, New Delhi
Dr. Surendra Kumar Development of High Rate Biomethanation Processes as means of Reducing Green House Emission for Energy Recovery from Urban, Municipal and Industrial Waste 9.60 MNES


Dr. Shri Chand Treatment of Pulp and Paper Mill Effluent through Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation 5.14 UGC
Dr. I.D.Mall Adsorption Treatment of Recalcitrant and Refractory Pollutants from Wastewater 24.0 MHRD
Head Chemical Engg. Dr. I.D. Mall Co-PI Modernisation pollution research laboratory 12.00 MHRD
Dr. V.K. Agarwal Development of High Heat Flux tubes for Juice and Milk Processing 6.00 MHRD
Dr. C.B. Majumader Removal of arsenic compounds from industrial effluence using bioactive granulated activated carbon (GAC) Reactor 9.00 MHRD (R&D)
Dr. B. Mohanty FD Modelling of Chemical process Equipment 13.00 MHRD
Head Chemical Engg. FIST- programme under DST 63.00 DST
Dr. K.L. Wasewar Reactive Extraction of Propionic Acid 8.40 DST, India as a Fast Track Proposal for Young Scientists
Dr. B. Prasad Flash Pyrolysis of Biomass for the Production of Bio-oil 8.40 Faculty Initiation Grant of IIT R from MHRD funds
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